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Maglificio SILCO

Gaia means cheerful, joyful, spirited: liveliness is the spirit behind all our collections. Our creations are extremely varied and unique, as well as women. Our clothes are practical and original, with different styles and easy to wear for every kind of body.

Passion, experience, research and attention to the female world allow our company to offer different collections every time, elegant and comfortable at the same time, fashionable and timeless, suitable for every woman..

Shirts and dresses that you can wear in the office, around the city, on holiday, wherever you want and always feel at ease and fashionable.

We have three main brands: gaia b, gaia più and b new. All our products are made in Italy, produced  in Busto Arsizio, in the region of Varese, one of the Italian textile hubs. Our 60-year experience, the attention to our work and customers allow us to create quality products, with cutting edge fabrics and processes.

Come to see our amazing and joyful world! Discover our latest collections!

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